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Scottish kittens charm you at first sight as they look like a soft, tender toy. Their childish innocent faces with large copper eyes attract even the attention of the most indifferent people to the animals' world. This first impression absolutely corresponds to their character. These kittens can make comfort and harmony at home. They are affectionate and playful, cheerful and unpretentious, very clever and cleanly. Scottishes easy get used to order at home. They know what word "not" means. This kittens love their master very much. They are faithful and attached to him. Scottish breed kittens live in harmony with other domestic animals such as other cats, dogs, rodents, birds and fishes.

Having crossed the threshold of our house, the eldest cat Arkaboleno Irisabell (she was four-monthly kitten at that time) sow huge, black nine-year-old dog Atos. Her eyes widened as she was very frightened. She has never seen before such a creature. At the breeding nursery where she was from there were only cats and kittens.

Though she was stressed she couldn't stop looking at that unusual "monster". It took Irisabell a week to start sharing with him the sleeping place. She touched his ear to attract his attention and invite him to play together.

The Scottish folds and Scottish straights love to be with their master. They start following their new master, faithfully looking into his eyes from the first days at the new family. On coming home after difficult working day a loving soft friend meets you tenderly purring and you see hoaw it missed you. You will never be lonely any more.

An important advantage of the Scottish breed is a wide variety of colours and it will satisfy even the most delicate requirements.

The most interesting colours are:

"Domesticated panther"

For those who like exotics.These kittens consider to be the kindest and the best doctors.

"Talisman cat"

This is very special female cat. These tortoiseshell and calico kittens bring good luck at home and success at work. They are of interest for breeding work.


"Marmoreal elite"

These kittens have fascinate beauty that's why they are quite expensive.

Scottish fold and Scottish straight are relative breeds. They have common parents. Geneticists, who studied the breed, proved that it was necessary to match partner with usual ears to fold-ears' one. They can be either Scottish straight or British shorthair cat very popular today.

Most of them who looked for British kitten bought Scottish straight and was thankful and happy to have such a smart and active pet looked like a British. Well. If you have decided to buy Scottish kitten and if you realize that it be member of your family forever, there is some necessary things for you to have at home:

  • You have to buy feed the same they had at the breeding nursery (you have to consult with the nursery owner)

  • Plates for feed and water.

  • The cats' toilet with send.

  • The scissors for cutting the nails.

  • The container to transport the animal

  • Shampoo

Scottish Fold

You just bought a kitten. What to do?

So the kitten is at your house. Don't let it travel around the whole house at first not to get lost. Show the toilet to remember. Don't worry if your kitten sneezes, it's his discovery of new place. Since the first days in your house be careful and attentive with the kitten. While sitting in the armchair or laying on the sofa you can occasionally hit and injure the animal and the door can also wound it. It's important not to let it eat the cortical bones which can hurt the gullet, the throat and the stomach. It's necessary to hide the electrical wires. The small sharp things such as pins and needles can also cause injures.

Many domestic plants are dangerous for the cat they can cause vomiting, diarrhea and poisoning. The toxic substances should be carefully saved and unavailable for the animals. The washing machine, the fridge and the oven should be thoroughly closed.

We will be very glad that our kittens will find the true owners, will be loved and will bring happiness and fun in your house.

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